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Concept of Outdoor Classroom

Why have we chosen to establish an outdoor classroom at VENUS WORLD SCHOOLS?

Today’s society has become so separated from nature that we actually fail to realize our basic dependence on experiencing nature as a tool for individual growth and development. We jokingly say that today’s kids are suffering from NDS (Nature’s Deficiency syndrome).In order to avoid this; we have established an outdoor classroom. Let the dream of Rabindranath Tagore come true in VENUS WORLD SCHOOLS………………..!!!

Few points to highlight importance of outdoor classroom are listed below:-

  • Shift educational focus from secondary to primary sources
    Traditional classroom teaching uses textbooks, lectures, video and the internet as instructional tools. The outdoor classroom exposes students through direct experience to nature.
  • Uses experiential teaching methodologies to engage students
    The outdoor classroom fosters active, hands-on, inquiry-based learning in a real world setting. Through group problem-solving activities students embrace the learning process as well as seeking final outcomes.
  • Makes learning a multi-sensory experience
    By engaging the senses of touch, smell, hearing, taste and seeing, students retain an intimate physical memory of activities that are long lasting and synergistic.
  • Fosters the use of systems thinking
    As a mini-ecosystem, the Outdoor classroom emphasizes the interconnectedness of all things. Through exposure to the intricate web of life, students come to understand that complex natural and societal systems often require holistic rather than linear solutions.
  • Lends itself to inter-disciplinary studies
    In seeking a holistic understanding of the outdoor classroom it is often necessary, and desirable, to employ multiple academic disciplines. Laying out a planting bed requires math skills. Distinguishing native from non-native plants provides an opportunity for social studies. Creating a scarecrow is an art project. A garden journal will foster writing and drawing skills.
  • Connects the school to the neighborhood and the world-at-large
    Proximity to the surrounding neighborhood often leads to service learning projects that emphasize social involvement and responsibility. Accessibility to the Outdoor classroom provides opportunities for out-of-school time programming. High visibility and interest encourages local volunteerism. Yes, learning can be fun at VENUS WORLD SCHOOLS!