Admission Registration Form Open for Pre-Primary Till 31st May 2020. Limited seats are available. For any query contact 9923794499,7028088103,9923691608.

Our Mission

To provide a unique, learning – centered environment that is conducive for young people to go through an integrated and developmental approach to education. Through meaningful student engagement in learning we aspire to develop interpersonal, physical and cognitive competencies, empowering young people to lead purposeful and fulfilling lives.

With values like

Our Vision

To give education which can bring about a positive revolution in the society. It is rightly said “education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world”. A community supporting young people to realize their potential; forever learning, forever teaching in the service of humanity


  • Use creative, innovative and critical thinking to make a difference.
  • Use their passions, talents and skill to create a future that excites them and contributes positively to our world.
  • See the adventure, opportunity, connections and possibilities in life.
  • Act with respect towards themselves and others.
  • Turn dreams and ideas into reality.
  • Accept life’s challenges with a resilient and flexible attitude.
  • Create a happy and healthy life balance.
  • Communicate with maturity, openness and integrity.
  • Embrace fun and live with curiosity.
    This lies at the heart of “VENUS WORLD SCHOOLS”

Our Goals

  • To be an educational institution which is class apart offering contemporary, practical, flexible and evolving learning programmes.
  • To provide high quality learning programmes that development of well rounded individuals who are able to contribute to society in meaningful and productive ways.
  • To maximize learning opportunities to their full potential through curriculum development high quality amenities, resources and ongoing teachers development.
  • To support the uniqueness of each student so that they are able to strive towards their highest potential in a safe, supported and inclusive learning environment.