Admission Registration Form Open for Pre-Primary Till 31st May 2020. Limited seats are available. For any query contact 9923794499,7028088103,9923691608.


  • Our philosophy for education, VENUS WORLD SCHOOLS is student centered learning that is supported with a holistic approach and a focus on the processes of learning “How to learn”.

  • Our holistic approach takes the position that are students are children on a journey to adulthood so as much emphasis is placed on the importance of their emotional and physical development as on their academic progress. This is achieved through a carefully designed personalized learning programme, delivered in a way that specifically relates to the developmental language of the student and by providing a broad spectrum of delivery methods for the curriculum contents in doing this, our programme at Venus in here affirms the student and creates a caring engaging learning environment that is also academically rigorous.

  • The close relationship between teaching colleagues and an online individual student learning portfolio system allows for smooth transitions from one teacher to the next. The teachers are accessible and welcome the partnership of the family in their child’s education. Parents are offered a regular line of communication with their teachers through direct app, school website and with feedback opportunities through the students learning portfolio.

  • To support the care and safety of each student at Venus World Schools, the school has a well-developed behavior management policy with the objective of fostering a school environment that is safe and productive for all children. It incorporates pre-emptive, operative and post – operative behavior management strategies that enable staff to quickly identify children who need support. Every year this policy is reviewed using statistical data and parent – teacher’s feedback.

  • We also recognize the place positive psychology, proactive communication and learning play in a successful and happy life. For this reason, we specifically work with developing a growth mindset and the habit of mind through our learning “How to learn“ programme and build mature communication strategies using a focus on Stephen covey ‘7 habits’ programme. These are built into our overall learning approaches and individualized into specific student goals through their learning.